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medical staff with patient lying in a stretcher
We give you a safe and comfortable ride to and from treatment centers.

Are you undergoing a dialysis or radiation treatment and in need of someone who can help you get there on a regular basis? Worry no more because we at Complete Transport Services are here to help. We give you peace of mind knowing that we can provide you a regular ride to and from the dialysis or radiation therapy center. Our goal is to provide you with specialized radiation and dialysis transportation services to help enhance your patient experience. With us, whether you have long-term or short-term dialysis or radiation treatment, rest assured that you will get to your destination comfortably and safely.

This service includes:

  • Assist passengers with mobility device into the vehicle
  • Safely strapping them into the vehicle
  • Provide support and assistance to passengers all throughout the travel
  • Transport passengers on and off the vehicle

For more inquiries, please call 561-312-3139. We can also provide a companion or an escort upon your request.